Anna Rey is a maker of many things. From jewelry and photography to illustration and design work; she enjoys working in new mediums and for clients that push her into new creative territory.

The natural world is her constant muse. She is inspired by the warm glow of the western sun, the vastness of the universe, the stillness of snow, the transparency of a petal and the strength of tall granite mountains. She strives to show beauty in darkness and imperfection; letting light fall on form with bold intention. 

The daughter of two artists, Anna Rey has plunged into a range of mediums with a curious heart and dirty hands. The path she traveled lead her from painting and printmaking to photography, floral work and graphic design before beginning her obsessive path as a jeweler; with a new passion for making art that you carry with you, close to your heart.

Her jewelry is made from recycled metals and natural, conflict-free stones. She uses the lost wax casting technique and prefers an organic and natural feeling in her work that accentuates the human-made aspect of this process. The designs have a weight to them that imbues the wearer with confidence and strength. Her pieces are meant to empower the wearer like armor, emboldening them throughout their day. 

Anna Rey is honored to make special pieces for all of you fiercely brave lovers of beauty and wild wanderers of this Earth.

Her jewelry collection is available through her online shop and select retailers across the country. You can contact her by email at