Anna Rey is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in jewelry design and painting, with an extensive background in photography, graphic design and styling.


Jewelry handmade by the artist and a tiny handful of talented artisans in the American West. Each piece is made to order and handcrafted start to finish.  Inspired by the warm glow of the Western Sun, the vastness of the universe, the stillness of snow and the strength of tall granite mountains.

The daughter of two artists, Anna Rey has spent her life infatuated with all mediums of artistic expression. The path she traveled lead her from painting and printmaking to photography and graphic design, with a stay over in floral design before setting down roots as a jeweler. Here, she can get lost in the tiniest details and precious materials; making art that you carry with you, close to your heart.

Jewelry is meant to be loved and cherished, reminding you of a dear friend or a moment in time. Anna Rey is honored to make special pieces for Lovers of Beauty and Wild Wanderers around the world.


After a long hiatus while focusing on other artistic passions, Anna Rey is painting again. Her collection of paintings "Luminescence: Reflections and Transparencies" will be hanging at the Perish Trust in San Francisco from December 16th to January 16th.